Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, Can You Tell I am to Tired to Think of a Title

Today is the second day of my 12 night shifts and I have a good chance of being told not to come in. There is to be a bunch of discharges, but I won't find out for a few more hours if that is going to happen. I wish they could tell me now, but I know that is not possible there could be a run on the ER and then a lot of admits.

If I do get cancelled I still have to go to the hospital, I have to have my TB test read and according to the employee handbook only the house super or the er can read it. That means that if I did end up not working that even though I have been invited to a birthday party tonight where EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE but me is an RN. I still would have to go to the hospital and get it read.

I found out today that the House is going to vote on Monday domestic partnership expansion bill. The bill is to be presented at about 1pm and voting starts at about 3. I might go to that if I am up and not working on Monday. Yesterday, the fundies were in town protesting the bill. I have not seen anything in the paper or on the news about their gathering. It must not have been impressive.

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