Monday, March 30, 2009

Night Shift

I love working nights. It is a more controlled environment, a more relaxed one. The only think I don't like about night shift are my nights off.

I know many people who on their nights off sleep at night and are up during the day. I cannot do that it is to hard for me to switch back and forth between the times. So on my nights off I am up. Most of the time I can find things about the apartment to keep me busy. I do have to keep the noise down. I can clean, but not vacuum. I can read my music, but not practice. I can sit on my butt and watch movies, play video games, read, and other quiet things.

I wish that other than the hospital, and a few grocery stores/ restaurants there were other places open all night. I am not a bar person. I would love to at 3am go to a book store. Have a cup of coffee and graze the shelves.

Sometimes, nights are lonely. Sometimes they don't bother me at all.


Anonymous said...

It's 2:58 AM Richmond time and I'm reading your blog and typing this. I can SO relate to what you're saying! It's a trade off. Quieter nights at work, but boring nights off all too often in the in betweens...

Nulaanne said...

It is 3am Oly time and I am up. Pacific time that is. So I know what you mean too.